Athletes Using Steroids

 In the sporting arena of today, no one wants to see the same things over and over again. Every one wants to see a record being broken and likes to see aggressiveness of a player beyond thought. No one wants to see an average athlete do something that has been done before. Dead rubber matches are a thing of the past; everyone is fond of excitement today in the world of sports. And, no one among us is an exception by any standards.

The never-ending expectations of audience and the desire to enjoy an invincible winning streak have allured many sportsmen to take steroids. Things are fine as long as the truth is behind the wall but moods tend to take a swing once the truth no longer can remain hidden. If one talks about athletes using steroids, one has to remember that the deed of one is often regulated by expectation of another, knowingly or unknowingly. So, it is unjustified for members of the audience or sports fraternity to blame sportsmen alone for steroids. They are themselves are to be blamed and the blame game does not end with the concerned athlete. There is so much pressure on modern day sportsmen to be invincible that they almost do not have an option before them. They are subjected to limits everyday and are almost forced to take the hard decision to accept steroids.

An average athlete does not stand with any chance to be or remain in the spotlight by being “clean”. But, every problem has a solution. Every one has to accept that times are changing and everything comes for a price these days. The best way to eliminate all unfair advantages in sports is nothing but to legalize steroids in all forms of sports. This is because there may be times when a “clean” sportsman gets a beating by his peer who makes use of steroids for gaining an advantage. This may sound absurd to some but a truth is a plain truth; one can hide from it but not for too long. Allowing steroids in sports can actually lead to fair sporting practices by acting as a level-playing field for all.

Let us understand the above statements with a couple of examples. There may be times when a “clean” sportsman may get trapped into the accusation of steroids even if he makes use of steroids for legitimate purposes. There have been many times in the past when sportsmen were accused of gaining unfair advantage even though the usage was legitimate from his side. Views may differ but truth does not change. There may also be times when a lean sportsmanwith good talent gets outclassed by someone who makes use of steroids. There may even be times when one sportsman is deprived of his medals after making use of steroids for legitimate purposes and with a good faith. One cannot study or dominate other person’s thoughts and acts at a particular time but things can be put in the right stride with a future-oriented approach.

Now that we have talked about steroids in sports, let us find how sportsmen benefit from such usage. Steroids offer almost unbelievable results to a sportsman. They help in enhancing muscle massbody endurance, and strength & are also useful in retention of water. These favorable factors help sportsmen get more out of their efforts and earn name & fame in a short span of time.

If taken under proper medical guidance, steroids can help an athlete get more of his efforts. Since they are helpful in enhancing muscle mass and levels of endurance to a considerable, athletes can attain expected results without putting too many efforts. A right combination ofsteroids along with protein-rich diet and a good sleep can do wonders for even a lean built athlete in a short span of time. It is important for an athlete to realize the capabilities of his body and take dosage of steroids accordingly else steroids can prove to be lethal.

Now that we have talked about steroids and their usefulness, let us return back to our base topic of athletes using steroids.

Despite of so many debates on this controversial topic, there has been no final decision yet. While many past, present, and emerging players advocate its usage, there are a few who opposesteroids to get publicity out of nowhere. The decision to go with steroids is personal and unforced. It is better that those run the game start respecting the efforts and decisions of sportsmen, through whom they earn big bucks.

In a nutshell, it will not be wrong to conclude that steroids do not pose any harm to the game or its spirit. Athletes using steroids cannot be blamed and no one 

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