Steroid Graphs

 In the last few years, steroids have not been a lone terrority for the athletes andbodybuilders. People of all ages, including school & college-going students and even working professionals have admitted that they have used or have been using steroids to gain muscle mass and enhance body performance.

The findings of Monitoring the Future (MTF) in this regard are highly informatiove and revealing.

Monitoring the Future is an annual survey that is conducted to assess the state of drug use among the  United States‘ 8th10th, and 12th grade students.

In the 2005 Monitoring the Future (MTF) Survey, it was revealed that steroids are now being abused by individuals of ages in the United States.

Steroid GraphsWhile the previous year graphs showed an increased steroid abuse rate among high school students, it was found that there was a decline in the number of students in the 2005 MTF survey. It was also found that the number of high school students and young adults on steroids had relatively gone down as per 2005 MTF as compared MTF surveys of 1990s.

The 2007 MTF Survey Graph below clearly shows that the number of steroid users among young population of the United States (8th, 10th, and 12th graders) is constant despite several measures being introduced.

Let us have a close look at the graph to find some revealing facts about steroid usage and abuse among young population of the US.

“Lifetime” refers to at least one time usage during a respondent’s lifetime. “Past Year” refers to at least one time usage during the year preceding a respondent’s response to the survey. “Past Month” refers to at least one time usage during the last thirty days preceding a respondent’s response to the survey.

Steroid GraphsThe 2007 Monitoring the Future Survey revealed that while the percentages of 8th, 10th, and 12th grade students using steroids remained unchanged from 2006 to 2007, for both sexes. However, considerable reductions were noticed for past-year and lifetime users since the year 2001. Lack of awareness with regard to steroids was the reason why the young students were found to go forsteroids as a shortcut to build a muscular body without being unaware that steroids can be harmful to health, life, and body of a user if abused.

In the last few years, it has been seen that many steroid users have left or minimize their steroid needs after advice from society, gaming associations, and friends. Efforts of theNational Institute of Drug AbuseUS Department of Health & Human Sciences, and National Institutes of Health have been instrumental in creating awareness among existing steroid users and others. The noteworthy reductions in the numbers of lifetime and past-year steroid users reflected in the 2007 MTF Survey as compared to 2001 are enough evidence of the successful awareness campaigns.

Nowadays, steroid users are making every possible effort at their end to ensure that they keep away from illegal steroids as much as possible. The entry of reputed steroid suppliers in the traditional as well as the online market has been helping their cause to a considerable extent. In addition to that, availability of reliable information on the Internet has been an influencing factor in clearing doubts of many steroid users. One can find solutions to all his queries on steroids, pros and cons of steroids, how to use steroids effectively, and staying ahead of the competition in more than one way on the web today.

The advice of popular celebrities and sportsmen to the general public has also been an instrumental factor in reducing the number of steroid users in the last few years.

Now that individuals have started respecting and not abusing steroids, there have been fewer incidents of ailments caused by them. This is good news for all those who advocated thatsteroids must not be used in an irrational manner.

The time is not too far when all those who are presently of the view that they can be better left all alone on their own will start learning the effective methods of health and performance to keep the numbers lower than what they are now.

The fact that more and more people are seeking medical advice before usage of steroids is also good news for all as previously the steroid users were living under a self-created cloud of doubts. The doubts were to be cleared one fine day and the day is expected to come soon, if the day is not today.

In short, it can be easily said that the community of steroid users is fast learning the lessons of good health and finding easy, effective ways to stay informed about the pros and cons of steroids rather than fighting a valiant battle against their self-created beliefs and myths.

Much has been done on the part of government agencies and it is now turn of the steroid users, themselves, to take an initiative and get away from illegal steroids. They also need to learn a lesson or two to stay away from the possible side-effects of steroids with an aim to protect no one else but themselves.

The Steroid Graphs will not reflect big improvements unless each of us tries his level best to stay away from steroids in an illegal manner. There is nothing harm in taking steroids until the time the usage is authorized and legal in its basic essence, and is preceded by a qualified medical advice. If steroids are taken in the best spirit then they can change perception of a user for the good along with allowing him to create a niche for himself in the long run.

In a nutshell, it can be easily concluded that the time is about to come when the society will be free from all doubts about steroids and the world will be a better place to live in and compete. After all, the onus of one’s health depends upon no one but himself. If a high sense of diligence can be observed then things will run out of control in the very first place.

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