Steroid Side Effects

 Since the 1960s, many athletes have been takingsteroids to enhance performance and build muscle. Increasingly, other segments of the population such as bodybuilders, othersportsmen, and even students have also been taking these compounds of late.

In this article, we would be reading about steroidsand possible side-effects as well as about remedies to avoid these side-effects. Steroids are substances that help an individual to gain muscle mass and performance in a short span of time. Now that we have learnt about the meaning of steroids, let us start with the varying types of steroids.

Steroids are hormones, which can be classified into three types:

Anabolic Androgenic Steroids: These steroids help in building muscles like testosterone.

Glucocorticosteroids: These steroids are anti-inflammatory in their nature.

Minerocorticosteroids: They are produced by adrenal glands for regulation of water and salt in the human body.

Steroids are also known as juice, roids, gym candy, arnies, A’s, anabolics, pumpers, and stackers. In this article, we would be reading about anabolic steroids.

Anabolic Steroids refer to synthetic substances or compounds related to androgens, male sex hormones, which help in promotion of the anabolic (skeletal muscle) and androgenic (development of male sexual features) effects.

These steroids can be taken in many forms such as orally or through injections or nasal sprays. Some of the common oral steroids are AnadrolAnavarDianabolNibil, NilevarWinstrol, and Maxibolin while some of the common injectable steroids areDeca-DurabolinDrolbanEquipoiseWinstrol Depot, and Durabolin to name a few.

As per a recently concluded survey, it was found that more and more sportsmen and teenagers are taking steroids to enhance their body performance and muscle mass. However, it should not be forgotten that steroids can take a heavy toll on its user’s health & body.

It is generally seen that steroid users exhibit symptoms such as premature balding, acne, depression, rapid weight again, jaundice, and rapid muscle development. The abuse ofsteroids can be associated with higher risks for heart ailments such as attacks and strokes. Such an abuse can also lead to liver damages. Shared steroids, when taken in an injectable form, can lead to bacterial endocarditis, hepatitis B and C, and even HIV/AIDS. Apart from all these risks, steroids can cause many other undesirable body changes such as development of breast and shrinking of genitals in men, deepening of voice in women, and hair loss in both sexes.

When the human body experiences a build up of steroids, ailments such as kidney diseases, stunted growth, hypertension, diabetes, and blockage of insulin can be caused. Women steroid users can face ailments such as baldness, unnatural hair growth, and menstrual irregularities while men can witness breast enlargement, sterility, impotence, and shrinking of testicles.

Some of the other possible side-effects of steroid abuse are anxiety, depression, increased appetite, irregular hair growth, sexual problems, personality changes, sleeping troubles, mania, psychological dependence, decreased sperm production, increased libido, and fluid retention to name a few.

Now that we have learnt about the meaning and types of steroids, let us find why people are taking steroids to gain a complete insight on their popularity despite their side-effects.

Steroids act on androgen receptors on cells such as muscle cells to increase tissue production by altering testosterone to prolong its effects. They have the ability to block the effects of cortisol, a catabolic hormone. When an individual on steroids indulge himself or herself on exercises, the availability of androgen receptor sites is increased. This helps him or her in achieving peak performances in a short span of time. However, it must be noted that theusage of steroids must always be preceded by a qualified medical advice.

In order to reap optimum benefits of steroids and avoid its side-effects, it is advisable for a user to follow qualified medical advice before usage. If any precautions are advised by the doctor, they must be religiously followed and must never be ignored at any stage of time. If an individual on steroids experience any difficulty or change in body/behavioral patterns then usage of steroids must be immediately stopped & medical intervention must be immediately sought.

If one can observe the basics then he or she may not face any kind of side-effects. Such an observant approach will also help the individual on steroids to gain from the usage of steroids. If an individual who is keen to take on steroids has an allergy to any chemical or medical substance, the same should be disclosed before the doctor before using steroids. This will help the doctor to render qualified medical advice to help the concerned individual stay away from all possible side-effects and ailments. One thing is for sure, if steroids are taken in good faith and after complete usage knowledge then they can help their users to gain muscle mass and enhance body performance in a short span of time. On the other hand, incomplete or no knowledge about the usage can ruin even healthy bodies and successful careers.

If one is looking for the best steroids in the town then he must be ready to make a research before making any final decision. This is imperative to get the best steroids at the best prices. Along with that, it also allows the users to have complete knowledge about the steroid market and gain some good knowledge & facts.

In short, it is best to respect steroids to gain muscle mass and enhance performance.Steroids do not pose any damage to the body until they are abused or misused. But, steroidscan ruin a human body if their users start abusing them.

Steroid side effects can be minimized by the user himself. The user just needs to be cautious of steroid usage. If that can be done, then there is nothing between the dream of having a well-developed body and the reality of having the same. So if you want to have a well-curved and developed body then steroids can help you immensely but you must always remember not to abuse them.

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